First Post (edited)

Right… first time ever using a blog for anything. I doubt anyone will read this, but that’s probably be for the best. This blog is set up only for the sake of a university module based around Interpersonal Workplace Communications, and nothing more. This first post will be about two things: reflecting upon my strengths/weaknesses in communication, and my personal goals for the course.

Now, what can I call a personal “strength” regarding communication? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is a strong mastery of the English language. Having an idea is ultimately meaningless if you have no way to properly relay it, and the most effective way to communicate an idea to another person is through the same language. Without a common language, people will have a difficult time getting across the simplest of messages, as any tourist can relate with. English serves as the lingua franca of most of the professional world, being used in assorted workplaces and countries as a medium of communication. Without an extensive grasp of the language, one will find difficulty in presenting their ideas to groups and colleagues. While language competency doesn’t guarantee successful communication, it is certainly a crucial factor which facilitates and eases the process. My JC background and prior experience as a debater has left me with a strong command over English, and I find very few situations where I struggle to string a coherent sentence together. As a result, I have no problems in speaking to crowds, practicing speeches and quickly recovering from mistakes. These all help me better convey my ideas and communicate with others, leaving me to conclude that my ability to utilize English is my greatest strength in communication.

My biggest problem is probably my lack of tact and social awareness. Many friends describe my attitude as “blunt” and “critical”, meaning that I have a strong tendency to give my honest opinion on subjects and often address problems directly. While my closer friends tend to appreciate the straightforward attitude, it does cause issues when working with others since people may find it aggressive or confrontational. This means I tend to end up getting into problematic situations that could be easily avoided, or otherwise present a poor first impression. After attending some classes, I have concluded most of these issues stem from my action and content-oriented listening style, causing me to rush straight for the heart of the matter without regard for the emotional state of people around me.

Identifying those problems is important, as they relate to my two objectives for this module: I wish to better reign in my character to be a bit more subdued, and I also wish to better understand human psychology through studying communication. I hope to achieve the former using the course material, gradually correcting my character to become more mindful of others. As for the latter, the course will teach us to observe how people behave, such as via non-verbal communications or vocal tone, and this information can subsequently be applied to many other fields. I believe that learning about the intricacies of human communication can help me as a game designer in future, in whatever workplace I eventually end up in.

-Edits made on Wednesday, 31/5/2017. Edits in underline-


One thought on “First Post (edited)

  1. Thank you, Merville, for sharing this reflection on your communication strengths and weaknesses. As for a strength, you focus on your skill using the English language, which you explain with some discussion of the value of such skills and the example of your speaking with confidence. I appreciate the logic and flow of your ideas. Of course, you’re using English in this post as well, of the written variety, and you could have made a statement about your comfort level in that regard as well had you wanted.

    You also mention what you see as some personal weaknesses, including your being”blunt” and “critical.” (I applaud your self-honestly.) You detail this description quite well and connect this to what you would like to take away from the module. All of this comes across to the reader as a serious attempt on your part to understand yourself better and to refine your own behaviour, which I appreciate.

    I’m happy to know that there are students who are willing to look inward in the class and I look forward to working with you this term.


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